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  • Julia C. Avatar

    5 star rating I love Eleven Fifty Academy! I finished .net software development in January 2021 and I'm currently doing the 24-week web development course. The instructors and learning teams are all fantastic and super... read more

    Julia C. 7/15/2021
    Daniel Jones Avatar

    ElevenFifty was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I started with almost no coding experience. I had taken one class in high school and college on coding, but I... read more

    Daniel Jones 6/03/2020
    Benjamin Jones Avatar

    I took a course teaching iOS app development using Swift back when Eleven Fifty was just starting (Fall 2014). I'm sure they have changed and improved a lot in the past... read more

    Benjamin Jones 6/03/2020
    Scott Jones Avatar

    I founded the Academy, putting together a world class teaching staff and team that caused me to take the initial classes myself, as a student. The courses and team have continued to... read more

    Scott Jones 6/03/2020
    Chris Hutchinson Avatar

    I currently work at Eleven Fifty and have worked for other coding academies in the past. The passion the instructors have for student success is beyond impressive. Every day I hear about... read more

    Chris Hutchinson 5/11/2020
    Asia Shorter Avatar

    The Eleven Fifty Academy is a great place for career changers and career starters. It is a way to learn how to program code or about cybersecurity in a short amount of... read more

    Asia Shorter 5/01/2020
    Codipherus Avatar

    I attended the .net cohort in June 2018. It was a fantastic course that really prepared someone to be a programmer in today's market. They have a dedicated career team... read more

    Codipherus 5/01/2020
    Philip Smith Avatar

    I recently finished a 12-Week course from Eleven Fifty Academy and I had an amazing experience. Through the help of career services I was able to secure a job as a junior... read more

    Philip Smith 5/01/2020
    Michael Crenshaw Avatar

    One of the best decisions of my life was attending EFA. Went from no coding experience to my first job as a Jr. Software Engineer in less than 6 months making almost... read more

    Michael Crenshaw 5/01/2020
  • Cody Hunt Avatar

    Eleven Fifty Academy helped change my life and career path! I went into their 12 week JavaScript cohort where in the short time I learned everything I needed to change my career... read more

    Cody Hunt 5/01/2020
    Carissa Pierce Avatar

    The staff are so helpful and kind! They really want you to succeed! Definitely a wonderful school!

    Carissa Pierce 5/01/2020
    Willie Travis Avatar

    PROS- Seamless enrollment process- Incredibly helpful instructors and support team- Coursework offered a good balance of lecture time and heads down coding time.CONS- Course content had a decent flow, but during our... read more

    Willie Travis 5/01/2020
    Drew Blincoe Avatar

    If you ever thought you needed a degree to become a developer or to make good money, EFA is here to prove that theory wrong. As long as you are a hands... read more

    Drew Blincoe 5/01/2020
    Lydia Moody Avatar

    I was able to successfully career change in less than a year by attending Eleven Fifty Academy. I began their Javascript program Dec 2018 and had an offer at a top... read more

    Lydia Moody 5/01/2020
    Nicholas Perry Avatar

    I decided on EFA after comparing them to Hack Reactor and App Academy because I thought they had the most caring people, and thankfully I was right. The instructors were extremely helpful... read more

    Nicholas Perry 5/01/2020
    Daniel Beaver Avatar

    I came to Eleven Fifty looking to change careers, 12 weeks later I started my job as a software Developer. I had heard a lot of mixed reviews about bootcamps in... read more

    Daniel Beaver 5/01/2020
    Joshua Gillen Avatar

    I was in the second cohort for the cybersecurity course. With that being said it was very well put together and presented. The Staff are true subject matter experts. They not only... read more

    Joshua Gillen 5/01/2020
    Phil S. Avatar

    5 star rating I recently finished a 12-Week course from Eleven Fifty Academy and I had an amazing experience. Through the help of career services I was able to secure a job as a junior... read more

    Phil S. 4/20/2020
  • Brandon Coflin Avatar

    I've never written a review before on anything but this one is kinda of important to me. This school gave me the skills I needed to get a full time software... read more

    Brandon Coflin 1/01/2020
    Gloria D. Avatar

    5 star rating I attended the free coding class that Eleven Fifty Academy hosted on Saturday. It was a four hour class, but it did not felt that long. It felt more like an hour.... read more

    Gloria D. 12/08/2019
    MTVExtreme Avatar

    I am very satisfied with Eleven Fifty Academy. I took a 12-week Course here back in 2017 shortly after they moved to Launch Fishers and Immediately after completing the course I was... read more

    MTVExtreme 11/01/2019
    Chai Grindean Avatar

    I had a great time at Eleven Fifty Academy! It is a lot of work, but you get what you put in. What 1150 does well is help aggregate the material you... read more

    Chai Grindean 8/01/2019
    Merideth Bush Avatar

    I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for an alternative to college or a career change! I am very glad I made the choice to come to Eleven Fifty Academy... it... read more

    Merideth Bush 7/01/2019
    Megan Bearry Avatar

    Whenever I am out and hear anything about Eleven Fifty Academy, the word life-changing is one I hear most often! EFA truly cares for their students from the time the students... read more

    Megan Bearry 7/01/2019
    Abi Tambasco Avatar

    Hands-on coding instruction taught by instructors who truly care about the student. Our programs are for everyone with part-time & full-time options. This decision will truly transform your life! I can attest... read more

    Abi Tambasco 7/01/2019
    A Mckoy Avatar

    Every time I see a former student out and about they gush about how much Eleven Fifty has done for their career advancement! I see firsthand how Eleven Fifty Academy is... read more

    A Mckoy 6/03/2019
    Katelyn Stagner Avatar

    The quality of this program and the staff involved is incredible. They are caring, understanding, consistent, accommodating, and informed. They do more than teach you how to code. They give you a... read more

    Katelyn Stagner 6/03/2019
  • Autumn Henderson Avatar

    Eleven Fifty Academy is amazing! Attending this school was one of the best decisions I've made. As a single mom with no degree, I had poor prospects to find a career I... read more

    Autumn Henderson 6/03/2019
    Justin Ahmann Avatar

    It's hard to put into words the opportunity this turned out to be. I have always been into coding and I just needed the time and space to learn, Eleven fifty offered... read more

    Justin Ahmann 6/03/2019
    Jac Klinger Avatar

    Have experienced lives transformed here at Eleven Fifty Academy great place to begin or expand a great career in technology!

    Jac Klinger 6/03/2019
    Blake Hoppes Avatar

    I've had the opportunity to hear testimonials from students who have dramatically changed their lives by enrolling in one of the many courses offered at Eleven Fifty Academy. Eleven Fifty Academy is... read more

    Blake Hoppes 6/03/2019
    Alecx Moritz Avatar

    I started my journey at Eleven Fifty around a year ago, and it was the best decision I ever made. I came in have a little prior experience, and was able to... read more

    Alecx Moritz 6/03/2019
    kelly karrmann Avatar

    I've had the privilege of hearing firsthand all of the amazing student success stories of graduates! Eleven Fifty Academy is truly changing lives and giving individuals hope for their futures through the... read more

    kelly karrmann 6/03/2019
    Isaac Ludlow Avatar

    Eleven Fifty is hard. There's no getting around it. You can't expect a program that condenses four years of school down to 12 weeks of intense technical training to be a walk... read more

    Isaac Ludlow 6/03/2019
    Caleb Christensen Avatar

    Eleven Fifty Academy helped me do a career change that I didn't think was possible. I went in with zero coding ability or industry knowledge. And now I have a full time... read more

    Caleb Christensen 6/01/2019
    Cameron Houser Avatar

    Eleven Fifty Academy (EFA) was perfect for me. As a career changer their on the spot training helped me prepare and get a job in the tech field. Everything they did, whether... read more

    Cameron Houser 6/01/2019
  • Donald Swoverland Avatar

    My daughter’s life has been amazing since attending 1150 academy. She loved her time there and wishes she had started there before getting a degree from a university. My nephew then attended... read more

    Donald Swoverland 6/01/2019
    Tracy Desserich Avatar

    After 17 years in the nonprofit sector, I decided to make a HUGE career change. I enrolled in the 12-week Javascript program at Eleven Fifty Academy. It was a hard journey, but... read more

    Tracy Desserich 6/01/2019
    Iesha Musgrove Avatar

    I can only speak about my experience and the results my cohort achieved. I'm giving the school an extra star for being the catalyst to a successful transition into tech. Pros:-Exposure to... read more

    Iesha Musgrove 6/01/2019
    Marie Swoverland Avatar

    My daughter's life changed the moment she walked through the door of Eleven Fifty Academy. She had a college degree but was very unhappy in her field of study. Now... read more

    Marie Swoverland 6/01/2019
    Ben Cook Avatar

    If you'll put in the time and effort to learn, engage with Career Services and take advantage of opportunities, and if you would enjoy programming given your personality, then Eleven Fifty Academy... read more

    Ben Cook 6/01/2019
    Christopher Beckman Avatar

    I didn't have a prospect for a career before coming to Eleven Fifty Academy, now I am actualized in the workplace.

    Christopher Beckman 6/01/2019
    Parker Catalano Avatar

    EFA offers a different approach to learning. If you imagine that you will be an all-star developer after 3 months, you are in dream land. Be realistic. This program does a phenomenal... read more

    Parker Catalano 6/01/2019
    Aaron Moore Avatar

    Eleven Fifty Academy was an awesome experience... I met some amazing instructors, friends, and now a few of which are coworkers. Thanks to EFA, I was able to start my career as... read more

    Aaron Moore 6/01/2019
    Katie U. Avatar

    5 star rating Coding is the trendy new career and skill set. I work in digital marketing but I've been interested to learn more about coding. I saw a sponsored Facebook ad for a free... read more

    Katie U. 1/27/2019

Drew Blincoe: A Veteran’s Personal Experience at Eleven Fifty

“I knew I was meant to do more, so I dropped everything and attended Eleven Fifty in hopes that this would be the career I would fall in love with.” Meet Drew Blincoe, U.S. Veteran and a recent graduate of our Web Development program. Drew left the Marine Corps in 2016 and started school for […]

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