We believe in a learning environment built on respect, collaboration, and hard work

Every person has a story and we proudly welcome people of all backgrounds to our school. Jobs held by students attending the academy have included nurse, teacher, carpenter, marketer, military veteran, hair stylist, Uber driver, restaurant manager, and many, many more.

Katelyn Stagner
“The staff are caring, understanding, consistent, accommodating, and informed. They do more than teach you how to code. They give you a sense of belonging, a boost of confidence, free lunch and snacks, and a chance to re-carve your future.”
Katelyn Stagner
Business Development Associate at LeonardMcDowell

Student Life

Our students create a close network with their cohort peers and support each other throughout the coding bootcamp journey. Many students say it actually feels like an extended family.ย Another great benefit for full-time students is that lunch is provided every day. This perk allows students to interact and get to know each other outside of the classroom.

Our Staff

From the moment students walk through our doors, they are welcomed with advisors, instructors, and support staff who are eager to help them succeed. We always keep an open-door policy for any questions or concerns that arise and it is our top priority to make students feel supported and confident in their choice to attend Eleven Fifty Academy.

Our Classrooms

Each immersive bootcamp classroom is staffed with lead instructors and teaching assistants so that no question goes unanswered. Our immersive coding bootcamps are not easy, in fact, we know they can be downright difficult. In the classroom we encourage questions, feedback, and sharing of information between students and instructors to make the learning experience collaborative and engaging.

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