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At any time, our online application can be completed to begin the admissions process. The application only takes a few minutes and is reviewed within 1-3 business days. After applying online, our admissions advisor will reach out to set up a meeting if the potential student has not yet met with an admissions advisor.

Schedule a Meeting

We encourage all prospective students to schedule a discovery meeting with one of our admissions advisors. This initial meeting is a one-on-one virtual tour.  We will resume meeting one-on-one at our campus in Fishers or Indianapolis, Indiana location once COVID 19 restrictions are lifted.   The meeting will allow our admissions team to get to know the potential student and ensure the best course options are presented to meet the individual’s needs and career goals. Our advisors will give a quick tour and also cover all financial and scholarship options in the meeting.

Secure Your Seat

Once students have successfully passed our admissions assessment and have met our acceptance criteria, they will need to secure a class spot with a non-refundable tuition deposit and a completed financial agreement. We encourage the deposit and financial agreement be completed following acceptance so that a space in the class is guaranteed.


Accepted students are required to complete pre-work before the first day of an immersive coding or cyber security course.

Pre-work includes A+ fundamentals for cyber security and HTML and CSS fundamentals for coding, a light overview of the basics, and is between 15-20 hours of pre-work.

Get started on your coding or cyber security journey!


What Are The Benefits of Free Coding Classes for Veterans?

The Benefits of Free Coding Classes for Veterans

Fortunately for the coding-curious out there, Eleven Fifty has free classes to help prospective students learn more about our bootcamp programs. There are many benefits to joining a free class before signing up for a bootcamp. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions, will connect with our educators, and will be able to sample what a real coding class will look like once you enroll in a bootcamp.

Ask Your Burning Questions

Joining a coding bootcamp is a great idea for anyone who wants to break into the world of information technology, but it’s a unique and intensive program. The free coding class will allow you time to ask questions about the day-to-day bootcamp operations and will help you understand what to expect as a programming student at Eleven Fifty.

Meet Our Instructors

Our educators are what makes our bootcamps shine. In your free coding class, you’ll meet our instructors and will get a sense of how they run their courses. It’s helpful for prospective students to connect with instructors before making a decision to join a bootcamp, and we recommend taking advantage of the opportunity before starting a full course.

Dip Your Toes In

Enrolling in a bootcamp for a specialized subject is a big commitment if you’re aren’t already somewhat familiar with what coding is all about. Joining a free introductory class will give you a sense of what it’s like to become a coder and to see if it’s really for you. We want you to know what you’re getting yourself into, and a free class is a great way to do just that.

Can I receive any Leadership Training as part of this?

Yes! We are working on building out some technical leadership training that will be optional and free for you to participate in.

Can I choose to take a month off from being a Tech Mentor?

Absolutely, we, and our grads, are incredibly grateful for any time you are able to volunteer for this program and we understand life may, at times, get in the way. Each month, we will ask if you are wanting to participate in the following month.

Do I have to give feedback to the group members?

Yes. We have a simple feedback process that is intended to give constructive feedback to participants so they can continue to grow their skills and confidence as they progress towards “job ready”. 

What is expected of Tech Mentors during the Program?

We are expecting you to serve as a “Team Lead” for the group you are paired with. That means making yourself familiar with the project or other activities the group is working on and what everyone is doing to contribute. Each group will do a lightweight agile/scrum process with 2, 2-week sprints and you should plan to lead them through that. You are NOT expected to actually contribute to their work other than from a mentoring/advisory capacity. 

Can I take a month off and still participate in a later month?

Absolutely! The whole purpose of the Atlas Program is to give you an opportunity to sharpen your skills, as you need. 

How long is the program?

Each cycle will run for 4 total weeks and the program re-starts each calendar month. You can participate in as many cycles as you would like.

Who will be in my group?

If you are pursuing a job in the Cyber field, you’ll be paired with others pursing the same. If you are pursuing a job in development or design, you will be paired with a mix of grads from the Web Development and Software Development courses.

Is there a grade or badge associated with the Atlas Program?

No, you are not graded, and this is not treated like the course(s) you went through – this is much more hands-off from EFA. You will receive feedback and suggestions from the Tech Mentor you are paired with to help encourage and guide you continued learning. 

How much time do I need to commit to the program each month?

That is up to you, but we suggest planning on a minimum of 10 hours per week. If you can commit more, great! We recognize you may also be spending time applying for jobs, working at a job, or dealing with other life stuff.

Does Eleven Fifty offer remote courses?

You don’t need to be in Indiana to learn to code! Eleven Fifty now offers online classes & remote-learning for students. So if you’re in Bloomington, Cleveland, Columbus, Ft. Wayne, Evansville, or anywhere else in the U.S., you are eligible!

What kind of jobs could I get after graduating from the IT Professional course?

Job positions targeted for this course could be a network administrator, network field technician, or a technical support role. Internally focused tech support roles are generally called Help Desk and external, customer-focused roles are generally called Technical Support. 

Do I need my own computer?

Yes, you will need your own computer for this course.

Can I take the IT Professional course back-to-back with another course?

We generally recommend you get some real-world experience before continuing your learning with Eleven Fifty Academy. Part-Time courses are a great option for individuals who are actively working yet want to further their education to create more career opportunities.

What if I want to extend my learning after this IT Professional course?

You can continue your education with the Sec+ certification and the Range at a discounted rate, or you could dive into coding with one of our courses in the future. We recommend getting some industry experience before making that jump into coding.

What are the salary ranges for a graduate of this IT Professional course?

The entry level salary ranges are from $35,000-50,000 or equivalent hourly rates. These types of jobs are entry level and can oftentimes be contracted, hourly pay jobs. 

How is the IT Professional course different from other Eleven Fifty courses?

This course is a true entry level IT course with hands on labs to prepare you for getting a job. This course will cover topics relating to computers, the networks that connect them and the software that companies use to run their businesses as opposed to our Coding Courses, where we teach you how to use logic and actually program those computers.  

What certifications can I earn in the Information Technology Professional course?

Upon passing your tests, you will receive two globally recognized certifications: CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+. You will also receive a badge from Eleven Fifty that can be shared on your resume and LinkedIn to signify your successful completion of the course. 

Does this IT Professional Course require any coding or IT experience?

No, this course starts from the very basics from a technical standpoint. 

Can I learn coding on my own and get a job?

Plenty of computer programmers are self-taught, but many will tell you that it took quite a while to become proficient and job-ready. As with learning anything new, your proficiency will come down to the amount of time you put into it. Learning on your own may take more time for you to get a job, but with enough dedication, it is possible.

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