Coding in the community.

Eleven Fifty Academy’s mission is to close the gap in technology skills that exists in our nation.

One way we can achieve this is through our outreach programs, where we bring the tech knowledge of our Academy out into the community. Through these programs, we provide coding education to learners of all ages and abilities in diverse neighborhoods throughout the country, meeting students where they’re at. Learning takes place in hands-on educational engagements conducted by our Academy-trained instructors who have a passion for sharing their expertise.

Cool Coding Awareness Week

Cool Coding Awareness Week is an outreach program that will be delivered to 20 Indiana communities over the next year. This is an interactive, week-long initiative where students learn the concepts of coding and its applications in the professional tech world. Alongside trained community educators, students advance their programming capabilities.

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If you’re interested in having your community considered for an Eleven Fifty Academy outreach program, please contact us.