Industry Standard of Curriculum

At Eleven Fifty Academy, we are committed to delivering the highest level of curriculum to our students. To ensure this, we are governed by an Employer Advisory Board, backed by industry professionals, to maintain the standards and relevancy of our curriculum. As a result, our courses reflect the latest in technological advancement while providing the top-level coding and programming skills that employers are looking for.

The Eleven Fifty Academy Badges

As students successfully complete courses and demonstrate a comprehension of Eleven Fifty Academy’s standards, they acquire badges of achievement.

The first quadrant represents the coursework that has been completed toward a language or framework.

The second quadrant represents the language or framework of study.

The sponsoring organization for the education programs is at the center of the belt.

The belt exists in three colors:

Gold Badge
A Gold Badge Coder has proven proficiency in the fundamentals of coding.
Red Badge
A Red Badge Coder has exhibited excellence in the business-oriented and higher language courses.
Purple Badge
A Purple Badge Coder has reached the highest achievable status and level of certification in the Academy—they are ready for a career as a professional coder.

Partnerships for College Credit

Through our partnerships, students can apply their time at the Academy towards earned college credit.

Our current partners include:


A student enrolled in one of our nine-week Accelerated Learning Programs will be able to earn up to 9 credits through Ivy Tech of Central Indiana.