So what exactly is Eleven Fifty Academy?

Well, we’re a lot of things.

We’re a non-profit organization. We’re passionate teachers. We’re dedicated workers. We’re eager learners. We’re community influencers. We’re committed leaders. And we’re so much more.

To get a deeper sense of who we are and what we believe, continue scrolling.

Our Mission

Eleven Fifty Academy exists to help close the nation’s growing technology skills gap through its mission of creating an ecosystem of coding talent that benefits the individual, their employer, and their community.

Our Vision

All individuals with the interest and undiscovered passion for technology will be fully actualized.

Our Values


We respect and foster the growth of all people regardless of their disposition in life, physical or intellectual abilities.


We acquire and refine knowledge and skills through relevant instruction, shared experiences, self-direction, and practice.


We are genuine, transparent, and authentic in everything we do.


We work as a group and utilize copied strengths to achieve a shared vision.


We drive excellence in all efforts, experiences, and interactions.


We instill disciplines that positively impact perceptions, behaviors, decisions, and attitudes.