5 Reasons Veterans Are a Great Fit for Cybersecurity

It’s no exaggeration to say cyber security is one of society’s greatest threats. Earlier this year CNBC reported more than four billion records were part of a data breach in the first half of 2018 alone, with the average breach costing companies more than $3 million. 

The problem, though, isn’t just the breaches; it’s the global shortage of professionals to tackle and prevent them. 

The good news? Breaking into cyber security is within reach, and the field is particularly ripe for veterans due to your unique skillset and background. Here are five reasons you could make a great cyber security professional:

You’re used to military-style intensity

Cyber security is a high-stakes field with a critical mission—protecting civilians from harm through cyber crimes. Whether it’s a data breach, ransomware, or another form of systems attack, cyber security professionals are at the frontlines to protect and minimize threats.

As cybercrimes rise in popularity, some teams are even moving toward a military-type tactic for managing cyber security rooms, making veterans a natural fit. 

You’re trained to combat an adversary

Your military training has prepared you to combat the enemy. The cyber security battlefield looks different but the goal is the same: to strategically take down the threat and protect those at risk. It’s a huge responsibility, one you’re prepared to take on through your years of training to actively defend and think on your feet.

You’re accustomed to teamwork

Tech jobs are becoming increasingly social, and cyber security is no different. The ability to work as a team is critical, especially when it comes to fighting a common adversary. You’ll need to be able to communicate, listen, and develop a course of action together to minimize and eliminate threats.

You’re adaptable

Tech professionals can’t survive without being adaptable. Cyber security is no different. Threats change, new technologies pop up, and crimes become more sophisticated. It’s also not uncommon to rapidly change focus in the moment to rise to the challenge of a new threat. A military background has groomed you to thrive in this type of evolving environment. 

You’re dedicated to service

At its core, cyber security is a profession of service. Those in the field are dedicated to protecting those at risk and serving the good of the people—a common value of your military service. 

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