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5 Reasons to Go Into Web Development

Flex your creative muscles. Be in high demand. Work in any industry you desire. 

If you’re looking for a tech career that offers loads of options, has a secure future, and yet allows you to be creative every day, look no further than web development. 

This popular tech job has high levels of career satisfaction (it made US News and Money Report’s list of Best Jobs) and is considered one of the lower stress tech fields. But these aren’t the only reasons to consider going into web development!

Be in demand.

Web developer positions are expected to grow approximately 15% through 2026, and unless the Internet ceases to exist, they’ll continue to have a place in the job market. While Squarespace, Weebly, and other drag and drop builders may gain popularity, organizations and businesses of all sizes will continue to have a need for a customized web presence. The question is if you’re ready to answer their call!

Earn a great living.

Money should never be the only factor for picking a career, but it doesn’t hurt to know the range you can expect. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean wage of a web developer in Indiana is $59,870 (approximately $5,000 more than the average salary in Indiana, according to the U.S. Census Bureau). The national mean is $75,580. 

Open yourself up to even more opportunities.

Not sure if you want to stay in web development forever? That’s okay! You’ll have a solid foundation for transitioning into other tech fields. Web developers are ripe for eventually becoming web app developers, multimedia specialists and managers, UX designers, and more.

In addition, while some web developers maintain generalist status, others become specialists, developing expertise in a particular language like Java. 

Get to be creative.

Most people don’t associate tech jobs with creativity, but that’s far from true, especially when it comes to web development. It takes creative problem solving to develop a site that’s user-friendly and achieves an organization’s goals. Plus, you’re literally building something from nothing, bringing your vision to life! It doesn’t get more creative than that. 

Have flexibility.

Web development offers some of the best flexibility in the tech field. 

Want to work with a big company? Great! Small companies more your style? There’s a place for you!

Looking for a side hustle to supplement your 9-5? Go for it! Want to ditch the 9-5 entirely and go full-time freelance? Web development is an excellent choice! 

The demand for web development exists in almost every industry and size of business. No matter what you’d like your career to look like, there’s opportunity for web development to get you there.

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