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Microsoft .NET is powering some amazing programs and technologies.

Microsoft .Net is becoming one of the most popular and in-demand coding languages a programmer can know. With a 15 year history, the .NET Framework is constantly evolving and improving, which means using the Framework and library of code is easier and produces more powerful results. By relying on a database of code and languages, Microsoft .NET offers coders and programmers more opportunities to create the visions they have for things like websites, mobile applications, and even enterprise level applications.

To help potential coders and aspiring programmers better understand what they can build with Microsoft .NET, we’ve compiled a list of 5 popular programs and technologies powered by the Microsoft .NET Framework:

Banshee Media Player

Banshee is an open source, meaning anyone can contribute to it, platform for media. The amazing part about Banshee, though, is that, while it’s maintained by a select few programs, over 150 developers have contributed to the program. The code powering the media site and player is written in C#, which is one of the languages found in the Microsoft .NET Framework.


Have you ever visited a website and been greeted by the popup saying, “Your Flash Player needs to be updated in order to visit this site?”. Adobe Flash (which runs the Flash Player you’ve probably been avoiding upgrading) is used for websites, web applications, desktop applications, and videos games, but it’s actually built in FlashDevelop. As an open source software, FlashDevelop is written in C# and can be improved and optimized by any coder familiar with Microsoft .NET.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Similar to FlashDevelop, Microsoft Visual Studio is used to develop websites, web applications, services, and even mobile applications. Using programs like Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store, and Microsoft Silverlight, Visual Studio has built in tools like debuggers, for designers, and database schema designers. Not only can you use the Microsoft .NET Framework in Visual Studio, but Visual Studio is actually built with .NET.

Starting out as a senior design project for a college class, has turned into a popular and powerful image and photo editing software application. It was originally intended to replace Microsoft Paint, but it’s grown into something much more. The free tool is updated and maintained by the original creators and by Microsoft. It was built using the .NET Framework and continues to grow more and more popular as it builds an online community.


Into gaming? How about mobile application games? If you are, there’s a good chance you’ve downloaded and played a game built on Unity. In fact, Unity is one of the most popular engines for developing games. Companies like Coca-Cola, Disney, NASA, and LEGO use Unity to develop games and applications. While the actual application uses a language similar to JavaScript, it’s powered by C#, which puts it in the Microsoft .NET Framework.

The programs and technologies listed above are a very small handful of the websites, applications, and software powered by Microsoft .NET. At Eleven Fifty Academy, our Microsoft .Net SmartStart program will immerse you in the Framework so you can learn to code things like user interfaces, establish network connections, and create web applications. Whether you’re dreaming of working on enterprise level software or building your own development platform, we’re here to help you learn the skills you need to start your journey.

Download your Microsoft .NET course overview to learn more about the journey to becoming a coder and how Eleven Fifty can help.



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