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5 Characteristics of a Cybersecurity Pro

Cyber security professionals might be our modern-day superheroes. Working in the field puts you at the forefront of global security, but as the need for cyber security roles increases, the number of qualified professionals continues to fall dramatically short. According to Cyberseek, a project by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), Indiana alone has more than 4,500 open cyber security jobs. 

The field is the perfect place to ensure your tech skills will be in high demand. Curious what it takes to get into the field? While the tech know-how can be learned, successful cyber security professionals also bring the following characteristics to the table.


Understanding, analyzing, and taking the right action steps to solve problems is important—but so is being able to talk about them. Cyber security professionals need to be able to translate their findings to others within the organization. Oftentimes this means explaining scenarios to individuals who don’t have a technical background. Being able to communicate the situation and provide regular updates and reports in clear, understandable terms is an important skill for success.

Customer Service

Communication skills go hand-in-hand with solid customer service skills. Cyber security professionals work in a variety of environments, including in-house teams for large companies, government agencies, and consulting firms. But no matter the environment, customer service skills make a positive impact. Some of those skills that the best to bring to the table? Maintaining a good disposition—especially in challenging situations—patience, and listening to others.


Cyber security roles require embracing teamwork to tackle the important tasks at hand. From designing networks to forensics tasks, large-scale projects are far from manageable without a cohesive team. You’ll need to be able to effectively communicate, build rapport, and problem-solve alongside your colleagues. 


Being resilient is important for any tech field, and cyber security is no exception. Are you able to rise to the challenge and keep going when the obstacles keep coming? Self-motivation to keep going and not be easily defeated is key for a thriving career.


A healthy dose of curiosity can get you far. Tech is constantly changing, which means your education is never done. Without a passion for learning and a genuine interest in understanding how and why things work, you’ll likely find your job even more challenging. An inquisitive nature will also aid in many of the day-to-day tasks, including the troubleshooting process or discovering network vulnerabilities.

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