What does a journey through Eleven Fifty Academy look like?

We Educate

Regardless of age or background, we give future coders a comprehensive introduction to coding. Not only do we show them how it works, but we also show them what they can do with it. Through code cram sessions (intensive overviews of coding in short bursts of time) and exploratory courses at the Academy, we give students their initial spark of interest in coding. By informing them about the benefits of coding proficiency in today’s tech-driven world, we fan that spark into a burning curiosity. Additionally, we provide students with a coding agility assessment, which gives them a clear indicator of where their abilities are at, and how their skills can develop.

We educate our coders to understand and appreciate the importance of coding.

We Develop

Those who come to the Academy with some coding background, or have completed the Academy’s introductory courses, continue their development through classes that teach them the specific coding languages sought after by top industry employers. We also help students by providing them with Gap Assessments, allowing them to be more informed about where their coding strengths and weaknesses lie.

We develop our coders to become acutely aware of their coding skills and coding potentials.

We Employ

We take coders who are competent in their coding skills and help them refine their abilities, maximizing their potential as employable, professional coders. We do this not only through highly advanced instruction, but also through incisive coaching evaluations and business acumen programs, preparing our students to operate in professional environments.

We prepare our coders to be highly adept in their abilities to code and their abilities to succeed as working professionals.

We Innovate

We’re always looking ahead to spot the newest innovations and advancements in coding technology. Our Academy instructors attend Tech Conferences around the country to absorb the continuously innovative changes in our dynamic industry. We then share this information with Academy Alumni and students through quarterly events and piloted concept courses, keeping the Eleven Fifty community ahead of the curve.

We strive for innovation in all facets of our Academy, ensuring that our instructors and our students have the most up-to-date knowledge and skills.